NDO Instructions


We are live!! As of July 1, 2013, most documents recorded in the Knox County Register of Deeds between January 1, 2004 to present are available to the public online at Nebraska Deeds Online!!  By going to nebraskadeedsonline.us, the site allows all users to view the document’s general information online for free!  This includes such fields as the instrument, date, type, grantor, grantee, and legal descriptions.  If the record has been scanned, you will see a graphic indicating the PDF image is available for viewing and printing.  The site is updated each night so this will provide the most up-to-date recordings. 

Knox County has joined other counties across the State to provide this service.  LB 14 was approved by the Legislature in 2012 that changed the filing fees of documents.  A portion of these fees goes into a separate fund in each county for preservation and modernization of real estate documents.  I am using some of those funds to provide online documents at no cost to the public.

While the documents available online begin on January 1, 2004, I am in the process of having prior documents indexed and scanned into the system so that earlier documents will be available to the public.  My first project is to scan in all of the tax liens and discharges of tax liens.  After that, we will begin to add other prior recorded documents.  I will update you as we go along with these projects.

Here are the steps if you wish to use Nebraska Deeds Online:

  1. Go to nebraskadeedsonline.us
  2. Click on Knox County on the map (shaded blue counties are on this system) or select Knox County on the left side of the page
  3. You can type in the legal description if you have it; OR you can simply type in the last name of the grantor or grantee and hit the Submit button
  4. If you want to search a specific document, all documents recorded within a date range, or an instrument from a list of 134 different instruments recorded in the Knox County Register of Deeds’ Office, you can click on “Advanced Options” on the right of the page.  If you wish to look for a specific document or all documents recorded within a date range, highlight the circle next to “document”.  If you wish to choose all of the recorded documents of a certain type from the list of 134 different instruments (i.e. easements), then highlight the circle next to “instrument” and choose from the drop-down box
  5. Click on the Instrument number that is shown on the left of the documents listed
  6. Now you will see a screen that gives the recording information
  7. Click on the red button on the upper right side of the page that says “View Document”
  8. You will see the following: “Document Loading – Please Wait”
  9. There is the document!  Now you can print!

You will be able to search other counties’ documents by checking the map on the home page of Nebraska Deeds Online to see if they are highlighted in blue and following the above instructions.  While not all 93 counties are online right now, more are enrolling each week.

Rest assured that we will continue providing copies at a cost as we have in the past.  However, I encourage you to try the site.  It may save you money and time!  

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Joann M. Fischer
Knox County Clerk